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Kunsi/Abuela Ejna Jean Fleury

My mission and purpose in is sacred service to humankind in “…a re-consecration of our place in the holiness of existence,” as Martin Shaw so succinctly and eloquently states.  This would include humanity’s collective recognition that we have always been holy and to live in that accord with humankind, beloved Earth, and the Cosmos.

Lineage: Miniconjou, Oglala, Hunkpapa, & Ihanktonwan of the Great Sioux Nation & Enrolled member of Crow Creek Sioux Tribe, South Dakota.  Also Western European, Siberian/Asian heritage. First Peace Ambassador of The Crow Creek Sioux Tribe & co-founder of Crow Creek Kunsi/Unci Grandmothers Society.  Mother of 5 and Grandmother to 9.

Founding Member Sacred Earth Council

Adriana Alvarez Damian

Elisi/Chuchu Joan Henry

Elisi/Chuchu Joan Henry

Danielea Castell

Danielea Castell
Danielea Castell is an InterBeing Ambassador, Nature Consultant, Social Researcher, and Sacred Singer living on the traditional territory of the Snuneymuxw People, Gabriola Island BC.

Danielea’s primary family, life partners, and teachers are Nature Elders from the Water, Rock, and Tree People. From 2010-2020 Danielea was trained by more than 36 Nature Elders living in various parts of the world. Initially, her studies with the Elders were focused on healing her self-alienation from Humanity. In time their collective focus was on interbeing ethics and new forms of communication and creative collaboration.

When planetary lockdown happened in 2020, Danielea and her Nature Elders discovered the Listening Field: a sacred online space where groups of Humans and Nature Elders could meet to communicate and coCreate, in service to the healing and regeneration of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.

Over the past 3 years, The Listening Field has partnered with Unity Earth, Eco-Governance, the Spirit of Canada Dialogues Project, and Honour the Earth Association to bring more than 1,000 Humans and Nature Elders together for global partnership ceremonies and community consultations on planetary issues. The messages that are received from the Nature Elders are shared publicly through visual memes and video clips curated by Danielea Castell, and unpacked for social research and transformative action.

2023 Listening Field projects have included consulting with the Endangered Aquatic Species for the Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans; public consultations online and on land with Nature Elders about the increase in Canadian Wildfires; the design and delivery of an online youth program called Nature & Me for Mental Health and Wellness; and most recently an emerging alliance between Humans and Olive Trees for Peace catalyzed by the events of Oct 7, 2023, in Israel and Palestine.

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Drs. Anne-Marie Voorhoeve

Anne-Marie VoorhoeveDrs. Anne-Marie Voorhoeve is co-founder, strategic connector of The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation, and Emergence (THC) and The Hague Center for Field Inquiry.
She is an Evolutionary Leader, and a catalyst co-creating transformation toward humanity thriving in Life and Love. She uplifts collaboration and co-creation, initiating complex multi-stakeholder projects for a thriving world. Her purpose is to bring the heart at the center, balancing the feminine and the masculine. So coming together in circle to express Divine Mother’s Love in all we do is exciting.

Anne-Marie is co-initiator of Cohere+, an EU project for coherence in wise leadership. Co-founder of Bridging Continents Council and Living Cities Earth, co-initiator of Peaceday Youth Assembly, partner in the Global Artificial Intelligence Alliance, member of SDG Thought Leaders Circle, and the Conscious Business Synergy Circle. She represents the Club of Budapest Network and the Holomovement in Europe.

She co-produces events like the seasonal convergences under the banner of ONE World -World Unity Week, Peace Week and Enlightening Our Way Together, and the Dubai Convergence 2023 and
Recipient of World Forum Peace Prize for Communities 2017 and the LOANI Ladies of All Nations International Peace Leadership Award 2023.
www.thehaguecenter.org ; https://www.thehaguecenter.org/the-hague-center-for-field-inquiry

Diana Claire Douglas

Diana Claire DouglasDiana Claire Douglas is a Facilitator + Consultant — Constellating for the Collective, artist, author, adult educator, and researcher. Underlying all she does is her purpose: attuning to the Sacred, to participate in the movements for humanity to be in our rightful place in relationship with All-Life. She has been guided on her path through deep engagement with the Divine Mother and a decades-long exploration of what it means to be woman living an embodied spiritual life. She has offered workshops and retreats for women for decades on such topics as The Heart of the Mother, Igniting Sisterhood, and the Divine/Woman Dialogue.
She is the lead Constellator on the international core team of The Hague Centre for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence. She and Anne-Marie Voorhoeve are co-founders of The Hague Center for Field Inquiry (https://centerforfieldinquiry.org/) She is author of Whole Systems Design: Inquiries in the Knowing Field – a manual on Constellating for the Collective. She is also a member of the Bridging Continents Council and The Divine Mother’s Love Council.
Constellating for the Collective: Facilitated experiential and systemic processes for Humanity (citizens, groups, communities) to Align, Design, Activate, Emerge, and Evolve collectively on behalf of All-Life.

Antionette Rootsdawtah

Antoinette "Rootsdawtah" HallAntoinette “Rootsdawtah” Hall, a distinguished keyboardist in the Reggae industry, earned the title of Goodwill Ambassador of the Golden Rule from United Religions Initiative (URI)-Africa in 2019, alongside reggae musician Pato Banton. Inspired by Pato Banton’s mission of unity and shared humanity, she became actively involved in the Spiritual Community. Her global outreach efforts include collaborations with The Urantia Movement, U-Day Thailand, Parliament of the World’s Religions, 1GOD.com, Harvard Divinity School, and presentations at the United Nations Chapel in New York.
Antoinette is associated with various spiritual communities, such as Minister Pato Banton, Urantia Aspirations, Ministers For Christ Michael, Daughter’s of the Divine Mother, Unity Earth, URI Multiregion, and COEXIST! Her musical works, including the “Thoughts of Paradise” Meditation CD, “The Words Of Christ,” “Words of Rastafari,” and the “Joyful and Happy” soundtrack featured in the documentary “Return to Happiness,” reflect her spiritual journey.
In addition to her musical endeavors, Antoinette launched the non-profit organization Stand Up for Justice in California in 2020, organizing community events and releasing three new albums, “Here Comes the Rootsdawtah,” “The Rootsdawtah Collective,” and the compilation CD “Stand UP For Justice” on Bandcamp (https://rootsdawtah.bandcamp.com). She has also initiated Edentia Wellness and is actively contributing to the Ubuntu International Film and Movement. Her transformative message emphasizes love, understanding diversity, and serving others to awaken the divine within us.

Emelina Legrand

Emelina LegrandEmelina is a visionary of possible futures, with her knowledge and abilities she supports individuals and companies to envision their individual path or the path of an organization embracing consciousness. She has an inter-religious upbringing. and this has given her the eyes to see and believe in the multiple wisdom of spiritual traditions. She is an ordained member of the Order of Interbeing in the Plum Village Tradition as well she is a founder member of the Sacred Earth Council and the co-creator of the Politics of Being, She lives in the South of France with her husband and two daughters besides Plum Village, the Mindfulness center and Monastery founded by the venerable Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Pooki Lee

Pooki LeeA beautiful soul-flower is what comes to mind when you hear or meet the inspiring Pooki Lee. She is of Hawaiian descent and carries the spirit of Aloha wherever she goes. Pooki was chosen as the Vision Keeper for Unity Earth in 2020 after returning from a sacred trip to the Holy Land with global leaders from around the world. It was unanimous that she be appointed as only the second person to hold this position — an honor she holds sacred to her mission and vision for the Earth.

Pooki has traveled the world by invitation of global visionaries and indigenous leaders. Pooki’s prayers and ceremonies are deeply felt as she holds the vision for peace, love, and unity for all of mankind and beings everywhere. Deeply connected to the “aina” (the land), Pooki celebrates all of life in reverence and honor of the Creator.

Pooki Lee also serves on the Advisory Council for Unity and Diversity World Council and its affiliates: the International Councils of Interfaith & Indigenous Women-Youth, and One Global Family Foundation & Alliances. She is a new Co-Producer of the One Global Family’s “SACRED ACTIVISM: Peace Sundays RevoLution” broadcast series.

You can find out more about Pooki at https://www.facebook.com/pooki, catch her videos at https://YouTube.com/PookiLee, and hear her music at https://soulmassage.bandcamp.com/

Sarah Queblatin

Sarah Queblatin is a cultural creative passionate about restoring the sacred to address the poly-crisis taking place in the world. She is the founder of Living Story Landscapes working on restoring and re-storying narratives of place and belonging together with local culture bearers and creatives,  weaving her practice as an artist and permaculture designer. For almost 15 years, she worked in diverse disciplines from environmental education, and interfaith peacebuilding to humanitarian assistance, and founded a non-profit that offered resilience and regeneration to communities.

Growing up with a spiritual upbringing, she pursued meditation at 17 years old, and through her work in interfaith peacebuilding, and the promotion of traditional ecological knowledge, she studied and practiced the teachings of different faiths, religions, and indigenous wisdom traditions. She combines community art, ritual, and ecosystem restoration in co-creating spaces of nourishment and meaning to transforming places of refuge into sanctuaries of life in climate and conflict-vulnerable communities. She studied ecotherapy and expressive arts therapy and applies trauma-informed practices with her offerings. Sarah is a sound healer as well as a visual artist inspired by sacred geometry, symbolism, and indigenous patterns. 

For more information, visit SoilSoulStory.Earth.

Janet Dolera

Janet Dolera is a Palawan-born contemporary Babaylan with ancestors who are healers from Bohol, Philippines. A former restaurateur in Boracay, she was drawn to this path after she underwent healing from a Babaylan named Nenita Jucson of San Dionisio, in Iloilo. This experience helped her respond to and discover what she has always known as part of her calling. Currently, she is based in Puerto Princesa in life-long service of helping restore the sacred wisdom of ancient Filipino culture. After 15 years of practice and reaching the required 7 levels of initiation, she continues to learn to further her life -work.  She intends to empower Babaylans in Palawan to document and share their important wisdom and practice in application to the changing times of the earth today. Through rituals, ceremonies, and healing practices, she supports individuals, families, and diaspora communities who approach her in reconnecting back to the ancestral wisdom and spiritual heritage of the Filipino people.


Lynne Sagen

Lynne Sagen, Sacred Ceremonialist, Webmaster, Technologist, Designer, Tech Goddess Uber Extraordinaire
Lynne Sagen, Sacred Ceremonialist, Webmaster, Technologist, and Designer. Fondly known as “Tech Goddess Uber Extraordinaire.” Nature and Earth Lover, Lynne was called to the White Lions of Timbavati & the Global White Lion Protection Trust. In holding sacred space, she participated in sacred ceremony at Umazi Sakazi also known as “Adam’s Calendar.” Always finding her “happy place” in the woods, Lynne draws her strength listening deeply to Mother Earth. 



Natáyo Weaselhead