Divine Mother’s Love

Unifying Humanity

Love in Action, Everywhere all at Once


Divine Mother’s Love in all its magnificence, power, beauty, and glory is moving us, compelling women to lead now. Our voices and actions burst forth in an Ocean of Great Compassion such that nothing can resist this unfettered and infinite Love. From the Womb of Creation we are here to inspire! We are here to lead! We are here to guide our human family into unity, respect, healing, and love! We are birthing the creation of our new civilization. Love in action, everywhere, all at once…


Women everywhere envision a flourishing Planet where Love’s joy, beauty, peace, harmony and celebration abound. We cherish and treasure our Mother Earth in all her majesty. We cherish and treasure humanity in the truth of our divinity: ancient and sovereign – imperishable and everlasting. We thrive in enlightening partnership with all of creation and the expanding cosmos.


Women are taking our riteful place bringing love into action to birth a world where violence and war no longer exist. To the drumbeat of all our loving hearts, we take the helm of transcendent leadership – cultivating integrity and trust to restore balance in our families, our communities, and with Mother Earth. In responsibility to our human evolution and devotion to the generations ahead of us and behind us, we establish sovereign peace beginning now.

Beloved and most cherished Human Family!
Warmest & most heartfelt greetings!


We members of the Founding Circle welcome You to our Global Movement: Divine Mother’s Love, Unifying Humanity. This movement is very swiftly and emergently arising from our loving and wisely deepening hearts/souls in response to the desperate need for a new direction and leadership for our human family. It is our intention that loving compassion, kindness, and generosity of spirit envelope our Earth, all Beings, and our Human Family so that Healing and Awakening can spontaneously and easily take place more and more and more. . .

Please read our Mission, Vision & Purpose again to fully immerse yourself and join us:



Love in Action Everywhere All at Once!!

Founding Members

Introducing our founding members, a diverse group of women who bring a wealth of experiences and perspectives from various cultures and regions around the world.

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Events & Ceremonies

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Join us on Friday March 8th for the Global Fire Drum Ceremony.

Love Letters For the World

We welcome you to send your love message to Global Leadership & Mother Earth. Place your message here and we will post it on our website.

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